Your Photographs Will Make or Break
Your Interior Design Brand.

Capturing the energy, aesthetic, and fine details of your work on camera is one of the biggest challenges and expenses designers face. 

Showcase your design skills, enhance your social media feed, and command higher prices - all with a device that's within arm's reach!

I want to take amazing photos of my work!

Interior Designers - Have you ever found yourself:

  • Hiring any photographer you can afford rather than invest in the very best interior design photographer you can? 
  • Taking photos yourself only to get bogged down in the editing process?
  • Settling for sub-par photos to round out your website or social media feed and hoping your audience cuts you some slack? 
  • Feeling envious of your peers or other Influencers who have a beautifully curated Instagram feed that shows off their work and tells a story?
  • Overwhelmed even thinking about photographing your work...

No matter where you are in your design career - there is an easier, faster, and cheaper way to leverage good photography beyond your formal portfolio. 

Linda Holt

Hi, I’m Linda Holt,

I'm an Interior Designer and Owner of Linda Holt Creative. But, before becoming an interior designer, I was a professional photographer. 

Yet, I remember the feeling of disappointment...

In 2014 I bought my first iPhone. Based on the ads showing professional-grade camera-work, I planned to use it for my social media and design photos, but the results were not what I expected. 

Honestly, they were terrible.

I was actually ashamed to share them. 

My photography background supplied me with the knowledge to properly compose a photo and adjust the lighting in the room for optimal effect. 

But no matter how hard I tried, my iPhone photos were dark, lackluster, and unimpressive

I'd stand in a room that I had just finished designing...with a happy, satisfied customer at my side...and photos on my phone that simply didn't reflect it.

"I'm a highly experienced professional photographer!" I thought, "No way are these embarrassing photos my fault!"

I blamed my iPhone and figured it must be too complicated to get the high-quality photos I had seen others capture with their phones. 

But, I wasn't ready to give up. I wanted to leverage my new phone as much as I could! And, I knew that if I mastered taking amazing photos with my phone, everything would change for my design business. 

After a year of watching YouTube tutorials, taking iPhone classes, and experimenting with my phone...I saw a massive improvement. 

I started sharing what I’d learned with my fellow interior designers. Everyone wanted to know my secrets of how to improve their photos.

I was able to distill my year-long journey into just enough very specific advice tailored for the needs of my designer friends. 

I watched as their photos transformed after showing them small tips and tricks and explaining how the pros do it.

Soon they were improving their photos and posting beautiful images...with just their Smartphones.

They were overjoyed as they started to receive compliments on their photos. 

“Wow! I have only completed 2 modules and I am so pumped! Thank you for offering this class. I have been a “wanna be” photographer for so long and I’ve been spending money on professional shoots, but no longer. They never quite capture what I want to capture.”

- Mary

Good photography maximizes your credibility and status as a designer. 

Whether you are an emerging designer without the budget to hire a pro, or you already work with top-notch interior design photographers regularly...The ability to shoot your own photos, taken and edited right on your phone, is a game-changer.  

You'll be able to capture behind-the-scenes shots that audiences love, detailed shots to highlight products you affiliate for, or vignettes that you share with a story on social media. 

If you're a designer, you absolutely must be able to photograph your work - even if you bring in the pro photographer for your portfolio shots!

My Smartphone Photography course is for Interior Designers, like you, who want to elevate your photos' quality to enhance your brand

It’s created especially for iPhone and Android (Samsung and Google Pixel) users who have limited or no formal photography training. Is that you?

I have an iPhone
I have an Android


In this hands-on, action-driven course, you'll start to get results within minutes of starting Module One. 

Within this program, you'll discover:


Learn to take amazing photographs of your work
(Without investing in expensive equipment or spending months learning how to use that equipment)

Immediately improve your images
(Even if you only apply a little bit of what you learn here)

Take quality photos quickly during a design project
(Avoid the expense of hiring a professional photographer for behind the scenes photos and vignettes.)

Attract clients with high quality shots of your projects
(Stop worrying about ugly photos!)

Gain respect as a must-hire interior designer
(Spend less time advertising and more time generating referral business)

Save thousands of dollars by photographing your own work
(Hire the professional only for the complicated shots you can't get on your own)

I'm ready to take better pictures!
Kim Macumber before and after

Kim Macumber

"Linda is such a wonderful teacher. She has taught me not to just “point and shoot” and to really think about the scale and placement of my subjects, whether furniture or people. I can’t wait for her next class!!"

Laura Braun before and after

Laura Braun

"Linda is super knowledgeable, talented, and organized and you are guaranteed to walk away with a wealth of pertinent photography information."


What’s Inside

Module 1

Module #1: The Techy Stuff

  • Set up your smartphone camera for everyday use
  • Practice using basic features
  • Discover how to troubleshoot glitches
  • Capture your first images with better focus, lighting, and camera positioning.
Module 2

Module #2: Photo Composition

  • Discover the importance of lines and when to use the rule of thirds
  • Understand how to ensure the viewer's eye goes where you want for maximum impact and engagement.
MOdule 3

Module #3: Lighting

  • Understand the two different kinds of light and when to use them
  • Use the best type of light
  • Overcome the challenges of interior lighting
  • Know when it's time to hire a professional 
Module 4

Module #4: How to photograph flat lays & small products

  • Learn how to adjust the lines in your flat lays
  • Discover how to shoot small objects with balanced light
  • The best tips for taking impressive tabletop shots
  • Improve your small object and flat lay photos with handy tools
Module 5

Module #5: Photographing People & Selfies

  • Discover the most flattering positions
  • Avoid the "mug shot" look
  • Use a ring light correctly
  • The best ways to correct reflections on eyeglasses
  • Remove double chins and dark eyes without Photoshop skills
Module 5

Module #6: Interior Photography

  • Best Practices for lighting and composition
  • Behind-the-scenes Case Study: I walk you through step-by-step how I photograph a room
Module 5

Module #7: Editing Basics

  • The only two apps you’ll need to take your photos from good to great

Plus Bonuses:

1) How to use folders to organize a large photo library

2) How to quickly locate an older image in a huge photo library

Get Access to Smartphone Photography for Interior Designers Today

Just $497

I have an iPhone
I have an Android
Pamela Copeman before and after

Pamela Copeman

"I enrolled in Linda’s class this past Spring and my photos have improved 1000%. What I enjoyed about Linda’s presentation is the way she speaks in “real” language (not cameraspeak) and how patient she is with me. Linda covers everything from the very basic: Is your camera lens clean? To composition and lighting. I recommend Linda Holt’s Photo Program with great enthusiasm. She is brilliant."

“The best camera you will ever own is the one you have with you.”  - Chase Jarvis

This course is a tutorial ONLY in precisely what you need to know to take amazing pictures of your designs


I don't waste your time on photography theory or anything that doesn't draw a direct line to you taking better pictures with every single step. 

I'm not going to tell you that you need a bunch of editing software (that's right, you'll do this without Photoshop or Lightroom - just 2 easy editing apps right on your phone). 

Basic proficiency and tactical skill-building are the backbone of this program and all that you need to start taking better pictures from Day 1. 

This program is just a fraction of the cost to hire a professional photographer (even a mediocre one) and will transform your ability to showcase your work. 

Understanding the features included on your smartphone alone is worth the cost of the course. 

“I loved this course! All the information was delivered in easy to understand bits

that I have been able to apply right away.” --Allyson

Join us now to start taking better photos, show off your work, and level up as a designer!

Improve Your iPhone Photos
Improve Your Android Photos

Buy my class risk free!

I offer a 30 day refund guarantee if, after completing all five modules, you feel it was not worth your investment. SO...You have nothing to lose other than bad cellphone photos.

What quality of photos will you be able to take during your next design job?


Will you walk away with more ho-hum photos on your not-very-impressive social media feeds?

Will you continue to feel the need to use the hashtag #crappycellphonephoto to justify your posting?

Or will you go home with a smile on your face, not only because you know your finished design is fabulous and your client is thrilled, but also because you have equally impressive photos on your smartphone that you were able to shoot in the 3 minutes after the last pillow was fluffed?

I know which one I choose for you.


Click the button below to get started immediately and the next photos you add to your social media feed will be worthy of your design skill.

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Frequently Asked Questions about my Smartphone Photography program:

I need to improve my iPhone Photos!
I need to improve my Android photos!