Do your iPhone photos showcase your interior design skills?

Or are they an ugly display of exactly the kind of images that you don't want your social media feed to be full of?


I remember the feeling of disapointment...

I had just purchased my first iPhone and thought I could use it for my social media and design photos but the results were disappointing. 

Honestly, they were terrible.


I was actually ashamed to share them with potential clients.

I thought I’d have to continue to use my heavy professional photography equipment.

And that made me feel even worse.

See, before becoming an interior designer, I WAS a professional photographer. I got out of the business when I longed for a different creative path. 

And I thought I could take good-enough photos with my smartphone.

But I couldn't. 

My first iPhone photos were less than steller

I knew how to compose a photo and how to adjust lighting in the room for optimal effect. But no matter how hard I tried, my iPhone photos were dark, lack-luster, unimpressive, and just didn’t even come close to what I saw other interior designers putting on Instagram.

I’d stand in a room that I had just finished designing...with a happy, satisfied customer at my side...and photos on my phone that simply didn't reflect it.

I was a professional photography snob! It couldn't be MY fault!

I decided it must simply be impossible to take great interior photos with my Phone.


My life changed after attending an interior design event where a professional interior photographer was presenting a seminar on taking better images with your iphone. Behind her on the big screen were beautiful magazine covers.

She told us she took them all with her SmartPhone!!

I was so shocked!

I went home that night determined to figure out HOW to turn my iPhone photos into images worthy of a magazine.


I spent close to a year reading everything I could find about the iphone camera. I watched dozens of tutorials and purchased several  iphone classes.

And day by day, my iPhone photos improved.

good photos

I started sharing the tips I’d found with a few friends. Some were fellow interior designers, and some were just sharing photos of their grandkids on Facebook. But all of their photos could be better.

I watched as their photos transformed after showing them small tips and tricks and explaining how the pros do it.

They were overjoyed as they started to receive compliments on their photos.

Soon they were improving their photos and posting beautiful images...with just their Phones.

Linda Holt

Hi, I’m Linda Holt!

I’m an interior designer and owner of Linda Holt Creative. Before becoming a designer,  I worked as a professional photographer for 25 years, photographing professional headshots for actors, models, celebrities and other professionals. 

In 2008, when the recession hit, I closed my photography studio and went back to school to study my second life long passion which was interior design. I opened my interior design business in 2011. In 2014 I bought my first iPhone and began my journey to discover how to turn the impossible good iPhone shot into reality.

And now I’m excited to share these secrets with you.


This SmartPhone Photography course is for interior designers that want to elevate the quality of their photos to better reflect their brand.

Created especially for iphone users who have limited or no formal photography training.

I'm ready to improve my photos!

You’ll learn how to:

Take Great Photos

Learn to take amazing photographs of your work

(Without investing in expensive equipment or spending months learning how to use that equipment)


Immediately improve your images

(Even if you only apply a little bit of what you learn here)


Take quality photos quickly during a design project

(Avoid the expense of hiring a professional photographer for behind the scenes photos and vignettes.)

grow your portfolio

Attract clients with high quality shots of your projects

(Stop worrying about ugly photos!)


ONe of the best

Gain respect as a must-hire interior designer

(Spend less time advertising and more time generating referral business)

get paid

Get paid at the level your design skills dictate

(Not at the level your current photography skills do)

Transform your photos! Same room, same iPhone, totally different result!
Kim Macumber before and after

Kim Macumber

"I was so excited to take Linda’s I-Phone photography class, and she did not disappoint! Linda is such a wonderful teacher. She has taught me not to just “point and shoot” and to really think about the scale and placement of my subjects, whether furniture or people. I can’t wait for her next class!!"

Laura Braun before and after

Laura Braun

"I took Linda’s iPhone photography class in Boston where I learned a lot of valuable photography tips and tricks that I have put to good use. Linda is super knowledgeable, talented, and organized and you are guaranteed to walk away with a wealth of pertinent photography information."


What’s Inside

Module 1

Module #1: The Techy Stuff

  • Learn to troubleshoot photo glitches, setup your camera for everyday use, and practice using the basic iPhone camera features, controlling the settings, and know which ones to avoid.
  • Capture your first images with better focus, lighting, and camera positioning, including difficult-to-capture scenarios.
Module 2

Module #2: Photo Composition

  • Discover the importance of lines, when to use the rule of thirds, how to zoom the right way, and when to use one point vs two point composition.
  • Know what you want the viewer to look at and make sure that's what they will see.
MOdule 3

Module #3: Lighting

  • Understand the three ways a photo can be exposed, the best type of light, and when the situation calls for hiring a professional.
  • Overcome the challenges of different kinds of interior lighting.
Module 4

Module #4: How to photograph flat lays & small products

  • Learn how to adjust the lines in your flat lays, how to shoot small objects with balanced light, and get the best tips for taking impressive table top shots.
  • Improve your small object and flat lay photos with handy tools.
Module 5

Module #5: Photographing People & Selfies

  • Discover the most flattering positions, how to avoid the "mug shot" look, how to use a ring light correctly, and the best ways to correct reflections on eyeglasses.
  • Remove double chins and dark eyes without Photoshop skills.

BONUS: Private Facebook Group

  • A safe place to post photos, ask questions, seek feedback, get honest critiques, share tips, and glean from others. I'll pop in to provide support from time to time!

BONUS: Two More Modules!

  • Understanding Photo Storage
  • How to Organize and Manage a Large Photo Library

SmartPhone Photography for Interior Designers

Just $297

Pamela Copeman before and after

Pamela Copeman

"I enrolled in Linda’s class this past Spring and my photos have improved 1000%. What I enjoyed about Linda’s presentation is the way she speaks in “real” language (not cameraspeak) and how patient she is with me. She actually had us leave the seminar and go outside to take photos with the pointers we had just learned. And we critiqued our work. Linda covers everything from the very basic: Is your camera lens clean? To composition and lighting. I recommend Linda Holt’s Photo Program with great enthusiasm. She is brilliant."


Buy my class risk free!

I offer a 30 day refund guarantee if, after completing all five modules, you feel it was not worth your investment. SO...You have nothing to lose other than bad cellphone photos.

What quality of photos will you be able to take during your next design job?


Will you walk away with more ho-hum photos on your not-very-impressive social media feeds?

Will you continue to feel the need to use the hashtag #crappycellphonephoto to justify your posting?

Or will you go home with a smile on your face, not only because you know your finished design is fabulous and your client is thrilled, but also because you have equally impressive photos on your iPhone that you were able to shoot in the 3 minutes after the last pillow was fluffed?

I know which one I choose for you.


Click the button below to get started immediately and the next photos you add to your social media feed will be worthy of your design skill.

I’m ready… show me how!
Show me how to do this!
“The best camera you will ever own is the one you have with you.”  - Chase Jarvis

The camera you have with you almost every second of the day is the one built into your iPhone. What better time than now to capitalize on this valuable tool and learn the ins and outs of taking high-quality, fast images that you will be proud to add to show your clients and wow your Instagram followers with.

I’m ready to snap this up!